With over 18 years of experience, Torgeson Trenching has the know-how, equipment, and manpower to handle any trenching, directional boring, or excavation job. No job is too big or too small for Torgeson Trenching.

Utilizing our regular duty directional drills, we can bore and pull product, whether it be plastic, PVC, HDPE, or steel, all up to sixteen inches in diameter. With our all-terrain directional drill, a Ditch Witch 3020, we can handle large bores, up to 30″ steel casings. Since the Ditch Witch 3020 is also a rock drill, we can bore through solid rock with ease. We are able support our bore crews and provide normal excavation for all types of commercial and residential projects with our multi-depth mini-excavators and our four wheel drive backhoes. A fleet of dump bed trucks, a couple uniloaders, a cable plow and trencher enable us to perform practically any excavation task. All trucks, trailers, and support equipment are newer models which are well-maintained by our in-house service department.

The combinations of our machines provide superior results to our numerous clients. We have consistently provided services for larger corporations like Westar, Cox Communications and AT&T for the past 17 years and continue to work with them throughout the northeastern Kansas region. We are also proud to provide our services to our many local clients including plumbers, electrical contractors, utility providers, and even homeowners. Whether the projects involve communication, electrical, irrigation, or water and sewer line work, Torgeson Trenching has the right equipment to accommodate any job.